What our clients say

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I would like to thank Christine and her team for the support that was given to me while I was applying for my SIO and once being accepted that the rest of the procedure was taken off my hands and dealt with by the team. This took so much stress off me to be able to continue with living a normal life again.

KB, Auckland

During the time when the debt was unbearable, I felt helpless and didn't want to tell anybody. I blamed myself that I got into this situation. People would judge me and it was so shameful too.

Until I searched the internet and saw Christine's feedback. so I rang. At this point, I could turn to family for help but I really needed some support and guidance legally from someone of experience who deals with debts. I was at a point in my life where I was at breaking point, sinking deep and people were demanding money to pay up.

I owe so much to Christine and the team for their support. They didn't judge me at all. Christine has patiently worked with me to manage my debts. I owe my life to Christine for her non-judgemental, friendly and honest service. Not only did she manage my debts but she is a friend who supports and listens to your troubles. I feel in control now of my money and have no stress. The future ahead is much brighter. Christine provides advice for a prosperous and happy future I would definitely recommend Christine and her team for their support and understanding.  

Christine, you are an angel sent from heaven!

ET, Auckland

I would like to say a huge thank you to Simply Budget/Debtfix. After almost 6 years, we are debt free. There is no way we could've done it on our own. We've approached Simply Budget in 2013 when our circumstances have changed. Another company told us that Bankruptcy would be our only option, but Christine gave us another option. It was a tough few years, but definitely worth it in the end. She was so understanding and we never felt judged. I would highly recommend them.

LV, Tauranga

Comment from a Financial Mentor:

It’s been awesome working with you + having a laugh Christine! 😊 You’ve provided a great service to the sector in your work around debt reduction for clients, as an assignee and now with your team at Debtfix. Blessings to you in your future mahi.

AV, Otahuhu

I can recall the days of people calling and knocking on my door demanding money. Then I discovered the SIO and Christine. In the beginning we discussed everything and made it easy for me to understand. Right from day one Christine was 100% supportive and encouraging. Christine and her team was always available throughout when I needed her and even till the last day when she was the one to let me know I had finished paying. Thank you Christine for you time, encouragement and support over the last few years.

Very Relieved and thankful, Half Moon Bay

Thank you again for all the help and the non-judgemental service I have received, the stress levels I have been under have dropped dramatically over the last week, knowing that I can breathe again is wonderful.  I found myself in such a dark place in so many ways and the financial burden, brought on by stupid decisions and mistakes made on my part, certainly did not help.  Even though I am by no means going to be flush with money any time soon, the fact that it is manageable is the biggest thing for me.  I can see the bright side of life wanting to shine again.

Stressed out, Lower Hutt

Over the first 15 years of my commercial life I was very successful working with some well-known organisations. However, I was so bored and hungry to improve on this success and find a new challenge set out to find new opportunities.

I was introduced to an idea that could revolutionise an industry and upset one of the last remaining commercial monopolies in Australasia. This was what I was looking for! In hindsight we were undercapitalised and didn’t have the right people or tools in place BUT we backed ourselves and went for it anyway.

2 years on with all of my own money sunk and costs to revenue upside down the wheels came off and I found myself holding the bag for the lot. This was new territory for me and without a plan in place I quickly found myself spiralling emotionally and mentally flip flopping between ‘how did I let this happen’ to ‘how do I fix this’?

When I wasn’t dealing with creditors or speaking with a counsellor obsessing about the past, I was researching how to navigate forward to sort this out. Considering I had no remaining money or assets at my disposal, bankruptcy looked to be inevitable and with a major bank on the creditors list only a matter of time.

Although a seemingly impossible situation to overcome I absolutely hated the thought of bankruptcy in part because I thought my commercial life would be ruined forever but primarily because my creditors and supporters including small businesses, family and friends would never see their money back.

This was until I was introduced to Christine Liggins at Simply Budget. Christine talked about options that could keep me out of bankruptcy and ensure that all of the creditors received something back.

The experience was difficult and took a toll on all stakeholders involved BUT Christine managed the entire process and the outcome was worth it and kept me out of bankruptcy and ensured that all of the creditors received a portion of funds back. Before you start a new business or end up in a situation like mine, call Christine for no bullshit advice. Don’t wait, do it today.

PR, Auckland

Christine has been great in helping me with my financial difficulties due to health and other expenses. Christine gave me many options to take including budgeting, options via WINZ and other options including any insurance policies and ACC before I chose the option to go via insolvency.

After speaking to Christine she recommended to not go for bankruptcy but to do a non asset procedure which was a great idea as it gave more flexibility in the future. It lasts for a year and also if my financial situation got better I had the option of an SIO.

AC, New Zealand

We had borrowed heavily for a new business venture and found within a very short time that we had significantly over committed ourselves financially. The ongoing stress caused a huge strain on me and my family and after 18 months of constant worry and many sleepless nights and after exhausting what we had thought at the time was every option available to us we were done, mentally, physically and financially.

It was at this time that we came across an article on 'Stuff' NZ written about Christine Liggins and the services that she offered. We made contact with Christine and within a very short time she had completely sorted our financial worries and changed our lives completely.

Thank you Christine so very much for your professionalism, your understanding and support. We are truly grateful for all that you have done.

SR, Kaiapoi

I would like to compliment Christine Liggins my SIO supervisor. She has been nothing but helpful, accommodating and just available for me during the most stressful times. I would highly recommend her to anyone else who lives in Auckland. Thank you so much; and to Christine I appreciate everything you truly are amazing.

SG, Auckland