Debt dragging you under?

Getting into serious debt, or even considering bankruptcy, isn’t part of anyone’s life plan.

One moment your borrowing feels completely manageable, and the next, your world is spinning out of control and that same borrowing is dragging you down.  We understand debt and the stress it brings to life and relationships - but we also know there are solutions.

If your debt levels are a significant problem for you, then a Creditors Proposal might be the best debt solution tool available, check it out here.

Helping Hand - Debtfix NZ
Debt Lifesaver - Debtfix NZ

Meet your debt lifesaver

Debtfix has been created as a lifesaver for those who are drowning in debt.

Debt, and the stress it brings, can cause real harm to life and relationships - but we know there are solutions to better manage it and provide relief. We provide debt management advice and solutions for people with varying levels of consumer and/or business debt, and who feel they have no way out.

We’ll take the time to listen and learn, before guiding you through the debt solution that’s right for you.  Our job is to work with you to develop a solution that suits your situation and will be acceptable to the people or organisations you owe money to. 

We’ve helped hundreds of Kiwis fix their debt without resorting to bankruptcy, and by doing so, have enabled them to take back control, not only of their finances, but of their future.

The options can be confusing, so you need an expert who genuinely understands them and can guide you through them, like those in the Debtfix team.

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Fix your debts in 3 easy steps

Remember your money matters, so if you’ve forgotten what financial freedom is like, we’re on deck waiting to help.

Step 1 Get in touch - Debtfix NZ

Get in touch

Contact us on 0800 DEBT 101 or email us and we’ll give you a call back.

Step 2 Tell us about your debt - Debtfix NZ

Tell us about your debt

To fully assess your situation, we’ll need details of your household bills and other spending commitments, along with details of your household income. We’ll also need details of any assets you may have, who you owe money to, and on what terms.

Step 3 Get Debtfixed! - Debtfix NZ

Get Debtfixed!

After reviewing the information you provide and discussing our findings with you, we will then summarise the options available to sort out your debt. You will then need to make a decision as to which option is right for you. We’ll then get the process running, and support you through to the end. Debtfixed.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Sort your Finances - Debtfix NZ