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Christine Liggins - Profile

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Christine moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2004, with her husband, Martin.  Having a passion for resolving money issues, Christine soon got involved with the local budget service where she trained as a budget adviser.  As her passion and experience grew, in 2008 she began dealing with complex cases and insolvency procedures.

Christine is a summary instalment order supervisor, appointed by the Official Assignee, and a trustee of creditors proposals, working with the courts.

Christine is also a tutor and holds educational seminars and has written various financial literacy programs.  She works with various bodies in the sector including, the National Building Financial Capability Charitable Trust (“FinCap”), The Commission of Financial Capability and Te Wananga o Aotearoa

With her experience and knowledge she hopes to help as many people as possible to manage their money, take control of their debts, and most of all she aims to put YOU IN CONTROL of your money!

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Shaun Adams - Profile

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Shaun moved to New Zealand in 2006 with his wife, Sarah and their two children, starting work with BDO, and then three years later joined KPMG.

He commenced his career in insolvency and restructuring in 1985, working with the Official Receiver’s office and then with large national and regional accounting practices.  Shaun qualified as an insolvency practitioner in 1992, and soon after started taking formal appointments for both personal and company insolvencies.

Since arriving in New Zealand, Shaun continued taking appointments but had very little involvement with personal insolvency due to the nature of the firms he worked with.  In 2016, Shaun retired from KPMG, after heading up its restructuring & insolvency team for eight years, and has been doing consultancy work whilst exploring opportunities to do something different.

After many years of being on the board of Auckland Foundation, he developed a keen interest in “paying something back to society”, and it was at this time, that he and Christine first met and decided to set up Debtfix to help and support people in financial distress, with Shaun applying his insolvency and management expertise of 33 years to the development of Debtfix, and the alternative personal debt solutions so desperately needed in New Zealand.

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